18 and From The 90210

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Lily Jordan grew up in the 90210. She might have grown up privileged in her Beverly Hills hometown, but this cute little spinner has a real naughty streak. Fresh out of high school, she recalls her adventures in public sex, before demonstrating everything she learned outside (and sometimes inside) in the classroom. This is one education in today’s youth you won’t want to miss!

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Seeking Arrangements

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During the summer, Lily Jordan began interning at a huge law firm, and she’s super excited about that. The problem is, after paying her rent and bills, she has no money left to have any fun. She’s pretty frustrated, and after surfing the net, she comes across a sugar daddy website and loves the idea of being with an older guy. After starting chatting to a rich older businessman living in LA, she finally gets to meet him. Lily is a little shy at first, but after a few drinks the sexual tension starts to become apparent. When he tells her how he loves to be dominant, she finds herself in a position she could only have dreamed of…

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